Amber is the color of a warm sensational sun, gorgeous eye-catching flowers, some of the world’s best consumable beverages, comforting safety, and delicious-tasting honey.  So with a brand name like ours, Royal Ambers, we have plenty to live up to... yet we are also in excellent company.

For those whom discover us, our business exists to assist with the most challenging financial issues.  Particularly those which effect residential real property, automotive, education, free-enterprise, and commercial real property financing.  

As a business, Royal Ambers does not extend, supply, deliver, nor structure financing to the general public directly.  In other words, we do not give people loans ourselves.  Our business is to first understand the desires of our clients and then orchestrate the necessary tasks required in order to meet the objectives of our clients -- including ultimately acquiring the financing to suit the client’s wishes from our insurance and financing partner.  Stated differently, our job is to first educate, then originate the proper paperwork which result in new financing for whatever purpose specified by the client.

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A Warm Welcome